Versele-Laga Prestige Big Parakeet / Cockateil Standard 44lb


Versele Laga Prestige Big Parakeets Standard is a very complete mixture for all large parakeets, especially the larger species and for smaller parrot species. 

The mixture incorporates a wide range of different seeds to provide a well-balanced diet for parakeets. This mixture is also very easy to mix with other foodstuffs like dried fruit or even add fresh fruit every mealtime to improve the overall nutritional quality.


Yellow millet 20%, Striped sunflower seeds 15%, White millet 12.5%, Canary seed 12%, White sunflower seeds 7.5%, Peeled oats 7.5%, Cardy 7.5%, Buckwheat 5%, Paddy rice 3%, Linseed 3%, Japanese millet 3%, Hempseed 3% & Niger seed 1%